Heranca APC is a flat fee of 1500€. All papers published in the journals of the Ponteditora portfolio are open access and available for free online, in ahead of print format. However, the operation of this activity is only possible through the application of an article processing charge (APC), which includes numerous editing and dissemination support services in the best databases in the world. In this context, the importance of invisible work behind the scenes is highlighted, which allows for moderate average publication times, rapid submission for copy editing, design/editing and approval by the author(s), access to indexes and publication of abstracts, attribution of DOI and publication in Open Access, increasing the visibility of authors, and, finally, the hosting of articles in archive, among others. It should also be noted that the APC is charged.  

In this framework, we do not aim at profit, but at creating scale through the methodology and technological platform, ensuring sustainability at all stages of the process, with transparency and equity.

Thus, the author(s) can choose one of the following modalities:

  • Processing fee for publication of a paper/manuscript (APC)
  • Subscription
  • Prepaid


APC is a flat fee of 1500€.



Subscription includes a one-time payment for publications according to the subscription period. No recurring fees. No APC. It translates into an economical way to publish papers/manuscripts.

Subscription – Duration


3 years


5 years



In each period, the following publications are possible:

Subscription – Duration

Publications per year

3 years


5 years



All authors must be members and be under the annual publication limit to publish.




It is possible to publish for free if your institution has a publishing agreement with Ponteditora. Before submitting your manuscript, learn more about your institution's Prepaid Publication Plan. For this purpose, make sure that: i) your institution has a prepaid publication plan with Ponteditora; ii) whether your institution has a specific claim process internally.

In these cases, your manuscript must be submitted to Ponteditora's journals accompanied by a statement from your institution. Publication fees will be borne by your institution.

NOTE: Some institutions may only cover the costs of researchers at their institution, requiring other authors to purchase a subscription to publish.

We are continually enrolling new institutions. If you want to know if your institution has a prepaid account, please inquire with your institution or send us an email at geral@ponteditora.org


Special Issues:

The publication of special issues will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. For this purpose, you must submit the completed form in accordance with the rules of each journal. Please consult the Rules for Special Issues.


In summary, the publishing services include:

  • monitoring throughout the entire process;
  • moderate average publication times;
  • sending copy editing, design/editing and approval by the author(s);
  • access to indexes and publication of abstracts;
  • DOI;
  • production and publication in Open Access of papers, increasing dissemination in databases, with worldwide coverage, as relevant as Scopus and Web of Science, among others, and guaranteed hosting of articles.


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