The influence of the "Six precepts of learning songs" of "Gu mislu" On history, art and cultural education




Gu misrecorded, Learn the Six Precepts of Qu, Historical Art, Education, Effect


"Gu Mislu" by Wang Dehui and Xu Yuanlan of the Qing Dynasty is a historical and art collection, which discusses the singing methods and theoretical knowledge of Qing dynasty opera art. Among them, "Six Precepts of Learning Qu" is the main content of "Gu Mislu", which expounds the six precepts in learning music to restrain the learning behavior of opera art learners and help learners better learn the knowledge of qu art. This paper takes "Gu Mislu" as the research object, deeply analyzes the characteristics of the "Six Precepts of Learning Songs", and studies its influence and value on history, art, culture and education.


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